TCC with micro-notches (Sidler SHARK®)

This is the front page of the long-term monitoring project on timber-concrete composite (TCC) slabs with the novel connection system micro-notches (Sidler SHARK®).

The long-term test series consists of 7 TCC slab specimens installed at Sidler Holz AG in Oberlunkhofen (Switzerland). The 7 specimens cover a wide range of configurations to be tested. The slabs are permanently loaded on different load levels with concrete blocks.  The  measurements include the global deflections at mid-span, the relative slip between timber and concrete at relevant locations, the strains at mid-span on the concrete surface, the installed reinforcement and at two heights in the timber cross-section. The temperature and relative humidity in the room are constantly measured.

TCC slab with micro-notches (Sidler SHARK®)